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February 5, 2015 2 min to read

The Joys Of The Internet And Beads

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It’s probably a bit too intense for most people (myself included definitely, I’m not pyromaniac by any means!) lampworking is one of the oldest and most evolved artistic outlets on the planet. I like this one concept that I had heard only a few short years ago, and I’m roughly paraphrasing here but it goes something like this: ...

September 20, 2014 3 min to read

Being A Crafty Big Brother Or Sister

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I just want to start by saying I’m not completely averse to technology in the least. I think that the advances we’ve made over the past century are incredible and especially in the last twenty five years or so in terms of communication, we’ve made enormous leaps and bounds with advances in all kinds of ways.Having the internet ...

September 11, 2014 2 min to read

Activity Tips For The Modern Mother

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If you’re a new young mom (or this article may apply to those fathers out there who aren’t out of touch with their feminine side as well!) then you’re looking for a way to connect with your daughter as she’s developing her own tastes and interests and hobbies. You’ll probably be trying to push some of your own hobbies and p...

September 4, 2014 2 min to read

My Beginning With Beading

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There are a lot of little details to be found in modern bead work that I hadn’t been aware of until recently.  Actually if I’m being perfectly honest, I haven’t really had much of an interest in them for most of my life until I recently started doing a bit of research on them.  I think I might have to start considering buying...