September 11, 2014 2 min to read

Activity Tips For The Modern Mother

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If you’re a new young mom (or this article may apply to those fathers out there who aren’t out of touch with their feminine side as well!) then you’re looking for a way to connect with your daughter as she’s developing her own tastes and interests and hobbies. You’ll probably be trying to push some of your own hobbies and personal tastes into her direction, though maybe not some of the more contemporary reading material (Fifty Shades of Grey is SO not age appropriate!) that’s popular among most of the young mothers out there. Now maybe you’re not already into beads on your own but if you’ve not already developed a taste for this hobby (which is also an art and craft if you really get into it and decide you want to start making your own!) then maybe you can start getting into this hobby at the same time with the young lady in your life.


This stunning little green lentil pendant was made from lampworking beads. The process is a bit intense and maybe not for the faint of heart but at the very least, the process of finding and purchasing the beads that you like the most is something that is quite a bit more universal. (© Stephanie Gough).

So here you can see the finished product of lampworking beads which is a bit of a tricky process that involves some dangerous tools and materials, definitely not something you want a little one to handle! However, the children could certainly hang back and bear witness to the process if you really want to look up some local lampworking workshops in your area and make a little excursion of the activity. Don’t forget that getting good exercise and having a few field trips here and there are very important things to get your young ones exposed to early on and help them to develop healthy habits with their lives.


You remember how I said it can be a bit intense? I wasn’t kidding! Here we see a pair of young men (with the proper protection on their eyes!) hard at work and clearly paying diligent attention as they are flame working in their workshop. (© Patrick Murphy).

Now I certainly don’t expect many of you out there to get into this hobby at this point.  Not at all! But you probably have a certain respect for the process at least a little more than you did before right? Maybe the guys out there who aren’t so in touch with their feminine sides would be a bit more interested at least in this aspect. Something about potentially life threatening dangerous tools and situations are often pretty amusing for the tough guys out there.


Here we can see the finished product of lampworking in the form of this lovely bracelet which features some Celtic knot designs on them as well. (© Stephanie Gough).

It’s cool that so many different cultures around the world have had their hand in beading at one point or another. I’m pretty sure most of us have the internet to thank for a lot of our personal learning experiences. Beading has been a pretty inclusive hobby that people from all kinds of countries and cultures have been involved in, so it’s pretty easy to get into and a friendly group of enthusiasts, welcoming to those who are casual and masterful and everyone in between.